Vienna Christmas Walks…

Vienna is very beautiful in the pre-Christmas time, from mid November until shortly after the New Year.

There are plenty of Xmas markets/stalls around the city. One of my favourites is the one in front of the Karlskirche (Charles’ Church)

It is a market where artists sell their stuff. No ‘made in China’ here.

Some stuff is being made in front of you. Metal is being formed over fire, jewelry bent, wood bowls carved etc…

There is also a Canadian guy from Toronto who has been living near Vienna for about twenty years. He makes nice and interesting things like birds houses or flying candle holders.

he is also playing the Schattentheater (Shadow Theatre)

in one of these two tents:

There is a storyteller too. In the other tent children can draw and paint, make their own candles or figures for the Shadow Theatre, fill the bags with lavendel and rose petals etc. My children love it!

There is also a little train and a caroussel for smaller children:

Kids can ride on horses or take llamas for a walk, caress the dwarf pigs and goats.

There is food, punch and cooked wine everywhere!

and a reminder hung on the church, to remember who is this fuss about:

(Jesus was born for you too)

This is children’s all time favourite!

and you’re cleaning the clothes and the flat for weeks to come….

Few steps away is:


We sleep three more times and the lights will start fading away….


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