My first post….testing

This is my first post, I have no idea of how to use wordpress but I am not new to blogging.

This is my blog in Croatian language:

It is about cooking for children and adults and it is one of the most popular food blogs in the region. Through this blog I also published my first cookbook.

Now it is time to move on…since I live in Vienna I want to write about Vienna, its restaurants and coffee houses, sweet shops and many other, unknown people or shops producing interesting food.

All photographs published on my other blog, in my cookbook and those that are going to be published here are my babies :). So please do not kidnap but ask me for a permission to use.

Since I am just testing … here is also a first photograph of the stuff I’ve been baking these days. If any interest, I am going to publish a recipe as well….

If anyone has some good advice for me, please go ahead and help me with this platform 🙂


2 thoughts on “My first post….testing

    • Thank you so much Sawsan, for visiting and commenting as well as offering to help. I still feel quite lost here but hope it will change soon :).
      I must try to learn a bit but may ask you a thing or two if I get stuck. Thank you, it’s very kind of you 🙂

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